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  • Mon, 13 Aug 2018 19:32:00 GMT
  • MUSC Website Transition

    Fri, 17 Aug 2018 19:20:00 GMT

    CJSA Announced a long term technology partnership with Blue Star Sports, leveraging the U.S. Soccer Connect platform to benefit CJSA’s member clubs and leagues.  As a result of this new partnership, all the member clubs in Connecticut, including Milford United Soccer, are adopting a new website and a new registration system. 

    CJSA is mandating that all players in the state of Connecticut must be registered in the new system for the Fall 2018 season. 

    A great deal of people at the Club have been working to meet the deadline and make sure the club is prepared to accept registrations and prepared to start our Fall 2018 season on time.

    Our new website and registration system will be going live soon.  When it does go live all parents must re-register their players in the new system.  There is no mechanism to port the data from the old system.

    We appreciate your patience, patronage and support as we transition from our old platform to the new site.

  • The Excitement of Playing Milford United Soccer

    Sat, 06 Jan 2018 02:12:00 GMT
Parent/Player Information
Welcome to the Milford United Soccer Club Parent and Player Pages

The pages on the LEFT will be a constant work in progress. We will try to keep the information fresh and relevant.

Please read the following if you read nothing else. The most common question we get is how do I make sure I am getting email and text notifications.

A Must Read - How to Properly Setup Your Email Address and Your Player's Email Address
• Your(Parent) login is your email address so you may not have more than one email address in the email address field
• Your Spouse, Significant Other or The Players Other Guardian - their login is their email address so they may not have more than one email address in the email address field
• Your PLAYERS do not typically login unless they are older. ◦ If they are older and wish to control their own profile then they may insert their email address
◦ If they are the typical dependent Player then this is where you MUST SETUP BOTH EMAIL Addresses for the parents. ◾ By adding both Parent email addresses to a player record, BOTH parents may now see and control the player records under the Family View.
◾ Since they will not be logging in using their email address you may enter several emails in the email field separated by semicolons.
◾ You could enter the email address as:;;