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  • Mon, 13 Aug 2018 19:32:00 GMT
  • MUSC Website Transition

    Fri, 17 Aug 2018 19:20:00 GMT

    CJSA Announced a long term technology partnership with Blue Star Sports, leveraging the U.S. Soccer Connect platform to benefit CJSA’s member clubs and leagues.  As a result of this new partnership, all the member clubs in Connecticut, including Milford United Soccer, are adopting a new website and a new registration system. 

    CJSA is mandating that all players in the state of Connecticut must be registered in the new system for the Fall 2018 season. 

    A great deal of people at the Club have been working to meet the deadline and make sure the club is prepared to accept registrations and prepared to start our Fall 2018 season on time.

    Our new website and registration system will be going live soon.  When it does go live all parents must re-register their players in the new system.  There is no mechanism to port the data from the old system.

    We appreciate your patience, patronage and support as we transition from our old platform to the new site.

  • The Excitement of Playing Milford United Soccer

    Sat, 06 Jan 2018 02:12:00 GMT
Assignment Info

At the beginning of each season, all referees can access the Master Schedule. You will have the option to pick your game at the beginning of the year or wait until the week before. If you want to pick your games at the beginning of the season, email the Referee Assignor with the games you are available to referee during the year. You will be to do self-assign with the second option.

When the Referee Assignor assigns you to the games via the website, you will get an email from the club website. Pick ACCEPT or DECLINE in the email to accept or decline the assignment.

Follow the directions below and follow all state rules/requirements.

Referees under 16 can run center on games 2 divisions younger than themselves. Referees 16 and older can run center on games 1 division younger than themselves. ARs should be one year older than the age they are refereeing.

Newer referees should referee U10 in-house games as well as being placed as ARs for travel rec games or friendly comp games. More experienced referees should not schedule themselves to these games unless we cannot find referees. More experienced referees should stick to ARs and CRs for all age-appropriate travel games (both comp and travel rec).

Do not ask to be assigned to games were you have family members or close friends on either team. Do not referee the same team more than three times during the season.

These directions are from the software company on Self-Assign.

Self Assignment:

Here are the steps that they need to follow:
1. Sign in to the Officials Area with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password or have never signed in before, enter only your email address and the system, will email the password to the address, provided the address given matches the address of an assigned member of the Officials team. (Brand new referees should wait a day until the assignor can add you onto the Officials team as a Referee and Assistant Referee.)

2. Once signed in, make sure that you fill out the General Availability form. This lets schedulers know when you are available to work. If no selections are made, it is assumed that you are available at all times.
3. Go to the Master Schedule page (located on your homepage). Any open assignment that you qualify for will have a drop-down selection in the Officials ("Ofl") column
4. Select the game you wish to assign yourself to and select "Assign" from the drop down list. If you wish to un-assign yourself from a previously assigned game, select "Not Assigned".
If any games have been assigned to you, your complete schedule is shown on the officials pages. This is a great tool to view and/or print out for reference.