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  • Mon, 13 Aug 2018 19:32:00 GMT
  • MUSC Website Transition

    Fri, 17 Aug 2018 19:20:00 GMT

    CJSA Announced a long term technology partnership with Blue Star Sports, leveraging the U.S. Soccer Connect platform to benefit CJSA’s member clubs and leagues.  As a result of this new partnership, all the member clubs in Connecticut, including Milford United Soccer, are adopting a new website and a new registration system. 

    CJSA is mandating that all players in the state of Connecticut must be registered in the new system for the Fall 2018 season. 

    A great deal of people at the Club have been working to meet the deadline and make sure the club is prepared to accept registrations and prepared to start our Fall 2018 season on time.

    Our new website and registration system will be going live soon.  When it does go live all parents must re-register their players in the new system.  There is no mechanism to port the data from the old system.

    We appreciate your patience, patronage and support as we transition from our old platform to the new site.

  • The Excitement of Playing Milford United Soccer

    Sat, 06 Jan 2018 02:12:00 GMT
Milford United Soccer Club
U8 Developmental Program


Our U8 program is setup with the philosophy that anyone can kick a ball but controlling, trapping, escaping, dribbling and passing are the key to long term development/success of a soccer player. Therefore, all teams will work with professional trainers twice per weeknight and once on the weekend for eight weeks. The trainers will follow a season long curriculum that will focus on teaching the skills our young players need to develop a sound soccer foundation. The weeknight sessions will focus on teaching the skill of the week and the weekend session will be a quick refresher of the weeknight lessons followed by 4v4 games where players will be encouraged to use the new skill. These extra training session and attention to player development will provide the opportunity to teach skills that will be reinforced until learned.

Weeknight Training

Training consists of a variety of age appropriate topics with an emphasis on individual technique and skill to develop a foundation and comfort level on the ball. Following each training session, athletes will take part in small sided game which focuses on the skills taught during the training session. Competition is more than scoring. Demonstrating the skills becomes the focus of the games, which in turn allows players to learn and play in a fun environment.

Weekend Game Outline
•Teams consist of 5-8 players with the Trainer acting as the coach for both teams
•The games will consist of 5 – 15 minute warm up/training followed by a 30 – 45 minute 4v4 small sided game
•Weekend games will focus on weekly training lessons
•There will be no offside, throw-ins or corner kicks
•All restarts are indirect kicks & players must be minimum of 3 yards away
•Players must be at mid-field for goal kicks
•No goalie's or referee's
•The Trainer will be on the field during the game to control movement
•Handballs are only called if athletes intended to play ball
•Substitutions will be made so all players see equal playing time.
•A Size 3 ball will be used for games

Scoring is part of the game but more important is the use of the skills taught, during the week. So athletes should be encouraged to demonstrate the weekly training skill before scoring.


Our winter program moves what is done during the Fall indoors. It starts at the beginning of December and ends around the end of March. There are two separate sessions which run approximately 8 weeks each and include one day of training and a game on the weekend using the format described above.